Mattresses by Brooklyn Bedding

Owned, operated and manufactured by the same family and locally owned business for over 20 years, Brooklyn Bedding mattresses combine the best of the best for their family of customers. Through our innovative design and the use of top quality raw materials, Brooklyn Bedding mattresses blend comfort, support, and superior customer service into every product. These mattresses provide optimal pressure relieve and spinal alignment, allowing each individual's body to relax, rejuvenate and repeatedly cycle through the stages of sleep at it's own pace. This process of sleep cycling creates a consistent, revitalized and re energized body in the morning. Brooklyn Bedding has redefined the modern mattress through a layering process of foams that slowly conform and contour to every curve of the body, allowing for maximum circulation and increased blood flow. Behind every Brooklyn Bedding mattress you will find a family that still adheres to it's core values, assuring that each and every one of their customers are treated with respect, understanding and is listened to.

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