R&S Mattress is a family and locally-owned mattress company that began in 1995 by the Merwin family.

Celebrating our 21st year in business in 2016, we have grown from one small store in Mesa, AZ, to 23 stores scattered across Arizona and Utah, focusing on the customer as our #1 priority. We completely understand that without our customers and their satisfaction, we would not continue to grow. R&S Mattress takes great pride in our customer service and long term relationships in the community.

R&S Company Progress


As R&S Mattress has evolved from the early days on Baseline Rd in Mesa, Arizona, so has our commitment to our customers, community and charities. In April of 2015, R&S purchased the land and built a 148,000 square foot, state-of-the art production facility in Phoenix, AZ, allowing us the opportunity to expand our manufacturing of top line bedding, also known as Brooklyn Bedding. These high end mattresses offer the same quality raw materials and support systems as the major “S” brands.

Due to our ability to manufacture, we are able to produce our Brooklyn Bedding line with MORE of these quality raw materials, creating better comfort, better support and a better night’s sleep! In addition, our new facility and production process gives us the ability to “Cut out the Middle Man” offering these premium, luxurious mattresses to our customers at factory direct prices and saving them hundreds of dollars for a better product!



In addition to our personal commitment to our customer’s comfort with Brooklyn Bedding, R&S Mattress partnered up with Serta Mattress in June of 2015, expanding our premium bedding line to satisfy everyone’s wants and needs. By adding the Serta icomfort to our already luxurious showroom of bedding, we have created a “one stop shop” for comfort, support, savings, and most importantly a better night’s sleep for you, our customer.

Though R&S Mattress is focused on our customers and their needs as our #1 priority, we are always looking for ways to add new opportunities for our family of customers. With the addition of our production facility, we are now one of the very few mattress retailers in Arizona that can produce custom size mattresses. This includes, but is not limited to, RV mattresses, special sizes and even pillows!!! When you become a part of our family, the choices are endless!

At R&S Mattress, we allow you to focus on what is important in selecting a new mattress: Comfort, Support and a better night’s sleep, without paying those premium prices you see in other retailer’s stores. In other words, we can create a very comfortable, supportive mattress for you at a very comfortable price, while controlling the quality of workmanship and tailoring in our own factory, rather than relying on an out-of-state factory to create your mattress.

Our Facility